Complete Tree Service Near Me In Miami

Our skilled professionals provide a complete array of tree services, including proper tree pruning, thinning, skirt lifting, shaping, root pruning and selective pruning. We are happy to provide free tree mulch when available. Miami residents love our tree service near me, as we provide the best most-exceptional tree trimming and stump removal services.

Trees provide significant benefits to our homes and cities, but when trees fall and injure people or damage property, they are liabilities. Taking care of tree hazards makes your property safer and prolongs the life of the tree. Learn more »

Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice known. Yet despite more than 25 years of literature and seminars explaining its harmful effects, topping remains a common practice. Click here to understand why topping is not an acceptable pruning technique »

Complete Lawn Service

We provide basic or complete lawn care and landscape maintenance, including trimming, edging, mowing, leaf removal, lawn, palm and tree fertilization, weed control, and installation of soil and mulch.

Increase Curb Appeal

A good looking lawn is both functional and aesthetically appealing, giving your family more living space and increasing your home’s curb appeal. Well-designed and well cared for landscaping can add 7 to 14 percent to your home’s value. Simple maintenance such as lawn trimming and reducing garden clutter can make big impacts when it comes time to sell. Realtors’ estimate 95% of home shoppers will overlook homes which lack curb appeal. A landscaper can analyze your problems areas, plan and execute creative and attractive solutions, enhance usable space, and create functionality. We can help you take the hassle out of lawn maintenance and get the most out of your gardens.

Stump Grinding

We can remove a tree stump by grinding the stump below ground level and grinding visible surface roots as well. The chips may be left in the hole so that there is little visible evidence of the tree removal.

Hurricane Preparation

Are Your Trees Safe During a Hurricane? Click here to learn more.

For our customers who need help preparing for a storm, we can put up shutters, move or remove large items from the property, pick fruit using our bucket truck and perform various other heavy-duty tasks. Just ask us!

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