Welcome to Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service, where we are here for you. We believe in educating our clients on proper tree pruning and proper lawn maintenance. We strive to provide the very best lawn and tree service. When it comes to removing a tree, we are the ones to do it efficiently and at a reasonable price. Offering tree removal Miami residents depend on, we will do it the right way. Do you want the stump gone, or do you want it nonexistent below the roots? Whatever it may be, we will make sure that it gets done however our client’s request.

Why Choose Us?

Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service has provided tree removal and other services for South Florida residents for more than 35 years. Our staff members are fully insured for your protection, and we will provide our credentials upon request. Employees are trained not only in tree removal, but in understanding how trees, plants, and moss grow. We work with you to assess and meet the unique needs of your home or commercial location. Our services enhance curb appeal and overall aesthetics, which keeps guests and customers coming back and remarking on your beautiful property.

Tree Removal Miami Can Count On

Do you have a cracked driveway? Or maybe even a walkway that seemed to raise three inches overnight? If so, the only solution may be to get rid of the tree causing it. Worried about the next hurricane season? It is possible that the branches from the big tree next to your living room can come crashing through the window sending all the debris into your newly renovated home. There can be several various reasons for wanting one or more trees removed from your property.

Every tree is either an asset or a liability. Sometimes you have no choice, but to remove it. The tree may be damaged or diseased to the point that there is no saving it. This is when imperative to have the tree removed. When doing this, you need to ensure that it is done safely. You don’t want to damage your home or even yourself. Doing this alone can become a costly ordeal, especially if you destroy your property in the process. Working with our professional team, you can ensure that it gets removed safely and mistake free.

Our proven focus on customer satisfaction, the safety of the public and employees, and the environment allow you to relax and enjoy your day, while we take care of all services relating to your tree and vegetation needs.

Contact Us Today

When you call us about tree removal, we’ll discuss your situation over the phone, but we’ll also schedule an appointment for one of our professionals to come out, look at the situation personally, and give you a free consultation and price estimate for the tree removal.

Get a free estimate with us today because we’d like to get to mow you! We are just what you need to get your tree out of your yard and your wallet happy. We have been doing tree-rific work since 1982! If you’re looking for tree removal, Miami Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service is the way to go!