Hurricanes are dangerous! Trees are a danger to your property: falling on your house, damaging it, or worse, hurting you or your loved ones.

I know the secret of hurricanes!

The stress before a hurricane can be summed up as “Am I prepared? Did I think of everything – the windows, the patio, the chimney, where to store the cars – but just as important – are my trees safe in a storm?”

Are your trees going to blow over on the house?
Will the nuts of coconut palms become missiles?
Will trash piles take flight?

I experienced Hurricane Andrew in 1992. My house was a war zone and a neighbor’s tree was blown apart. I had palms with no heads and broken windows from flying missiles.

We’ve learned a lot since then. We can be a step ahead with a few hurricane preparations. BOBMAR can help – we have some solutions.

Call us. Be safer. Let’s get together to make your property safe. I want to share the secret!