Are you looking to get your yard groomed in such a way that all your neighbors envy the perfection? Here at Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service, we take pride when it comes to landscapes and client satisfaction. It is our goal as a company to ensure that you get the best service when it comes to our various services offered. We take pride in having the best tree trimming Miami has to offer.

We Believe in Your Yard and You

We believe in educating our clients on proper tree pruning and proper lawn maintenance. We strive to provide the very best lawn and tree service. Bob Chung, founder of Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service, is involved in every aspect of the job from start to finish. When you call for an estimate, it is Bob who comes out to give you an estimate. He works with the crew to complete the job.

As a homeowner, you take pride in the appearance of your landscaping. A large part of your landscaping happens to be the appearance of your lawn and the surrounding trees and shrubbery. Keeping a well-maintained lawn and shrubbery can be quite a pain. The vast majority of the time, you won’t have the necessary equipment and experience in order to safely and properly maintain many aspects of your lawn and tree care, not to mention the amount of time and effort it can take. This is why we at Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service in Miami provide tree trimming Miami residents rely on. We provide a complete array of tree services, such as proper tree pruning, thinning, skirt lifting, shaping, root pruning, and selective pruning. When available, we also are able to provide free tree mulch.

A Little Bit About Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service

In 1982, after being laid off as a Chinese cook, Bob Chung started to mow his neighbor’s lawn. In no time, one neighbor quickly became five neighbor’s lawns. As the customer base began to grow, Bob researched and learned all that he could about proper lawn maintenance, plant fertilization, and plant care.

After achieving 45 lawn accounts, he decided that he needed some help. He hired one person, and then another, and then another. This one man show later became a small business.
In 2002, after numerous requests from clients to do tree trimming, it was time to let his business branch out and grow. Bob bought his first tree lift and then started trimming palm trees. This endeavor became a quick success. Bob then went to school and the rest is history. Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service is now Miami’s number one lawn service and landscaping company. We offer many services, including:

  • Complete lawn service
  • Complete tree service
  • Tree trimming
  • Palm trimming
  • Selective pruning
  • Hurricane preparation
  • Lawn and tree fertilization
  • Stump removal

Bob Mar is:

  • Fully licensed.
  • Fully insured. We carry $1M/$2M general liability including operations complete.

Call Us Today For The Best Tree Trimming Miami

When it comes to excellent service and tree trimming Miami, we are the ones to trust. We know when it is the perfect time for tree pruning. Our experts at Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service know accurately to handle any task you hand them involving landscapes. Call us today, Pinecrest, for more information. It is our goal to ensure you are completely satisfied. Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service has become one of the best tree services in Miami! We strive to provide unbeatable service. Read more or call now: 305-253-7374!