Why Consistent Lawn Care Is Vital for Your Yard

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As a homeowner, you must make sure you are staying on top of yard care. Consistent lawn care is vital for the flourishment and healthiness of your yard. Here at Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service, we are here to help make sure the plants in your yard grow to their maximum potential. When it comes to lawn service near me, Miami residents can count on us. Our tree removal Miami is also conveniently located in Palmetto Bay. 


Take Care of Your Yard

It’s a relatively common misconception that after several years of yard service, a lawn can become “numb” to the care and results become stagnant. It’s not necessarily a question of a lawn becoming unresponsive after several years with a professional lawn care service. Rather, it may be that results are not as dramatic or impressive as they were when service first started.


Our goal as a lawn care service is to get your lawn to a point where it is green, healthy, and consistently looks good. We’ve done our job if the lawn’s appearance is healthy and doesn’t change much from month to month.


Count On Our Lawn Service Near Me

Lawns respond to whatever inputs you provide. Lawns themselves are not naturally occurring by default. So they need to be maintained to thrive and stay alive. If you choose to stop lawn service to let your lawn “rest” a year, the density will start to decline, and the root system will diminish. Also, weeds, damaging insects, and lawn diseases can increase.


Turfgrasses grow best in well-drained soils that are rich in nutrients and organic content. Most home lawns do not have the best soil for turf to grow and thrive. Lawns need additional food, water, and proper maintenance practices to make up for the poor soil on which they are expected to grow. That is why we recommend such additional services as core aeration to help root systems expand.


Careful fertilization, mowing, watering, and reseeding decisions need to be made in order to maintain a lawn, and are determined by the type of turf you have, and the weather conditions your particular lawn faces.


A healthy lawn, well-maintained by a lawn care service, will recover faster from the effects of adverse weather conditions as well as attacks from insect and disease infestations. If a lawn remains fallow for a year, it is less likely to have the ability to come back from these pressures. Therefore, you should continue with regularly scheduled applications of fertilizer on your lawn every year.


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We believe in educating our clients on proper tree pruning and proper lawn maintenance. We strive to provide the very best lawn and tree service.

Bob Chung, the founder of Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service, is involved in every aspect of the job from start to finish. When you call for an estimate, it is Bob who comes out to give you an estimate. He works with the crew to complete the jobs.


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When it comes to lawn service near me, we are the ones to trust. We know when it is the perfect time for tree pruning. Our experts at Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service know accurately to handle any task you hand them involving trees. Call us today, Pinecrest, for more information. 



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