How to Properly Care & Prune Your Trees

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Homeowners take great pride in the appearance of the exterior of their homes, and a lot of this comes with the fact that there is a lot that goes into the proper maintenance and care of your trees. Keeping your property secure and your trees satisfied requires regular tree pruning. If you  simply get a machete and hack away, you will just damage your tree. The first step to proper lawn and landscape care is learning how to properly prune your tree, and to inform yourself about the reasons why you need to prune your tree and the ways to properly do so. After all, pruning your tree is highly beneficial to the health of your tree as well as good for the health of your property. Trees in the wild shed diseased or malnourished limbs and branches naturally, where they are able to decompose among the leaves. However, in your front yard, you can’t just wait for the limbs and branches to fall and possibly hit somebody or damage your landscaping. Thus, pruning trees is important in order to protect your family, your home, and to ensure that your landscape stays in top condition. Of course, there are times where a professional is needed. Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service provides tree removal Miami homeowners trust. Call us today for your Pinecrest lawn and garden needs!


Things To Know About Pruning


It’s crucial for homeowners to preemptively lop off limbs and branches prior to your tree shedding them in order to prevent damage from falling limbs. Moreover, regular pruning with any kind of tree will assist with growth and give your tree a more symmetrical look. Firstly, you need to determine what kind of tree you are pruning. Evergreen and deciduous trees require separate pruning techniques to keep them in optimal condition. You will need to prune deciduous trees up from the bottom, going up a third of the tree’s total height. Since evergreens generally have new growth in the spring and fall and don’t grow much in summer, early spring is the best season to prune your  evergreens for healthier growth. Prune deciduous trees in late winter, as leaves and growth should be encouraged in the spring and summer. When the plant tissue is frozen in deciduous trees, don’t prune them as it can cause undesirable wounds in the wood. Moreover, make sure to avoid pruning evergreens to the inactive center (where no needles or leaves are attached).


Tools and Expertise For Pruning Trees


You will need proper tree trimming tools for proper pruning, as you will need tools to be sharp enough to cut branches or limbs and produce a good, clean cut, as otherwise it can hinder the tree wound healing process. When pruning limbs that are diseased, make sure to regularly  clean your cutters to prevent spreading the disease to other trees, in order to minimize the risk of tree fungus, parasites, or other diseases from catching on health trees. There are also times where you will need to call a professional like Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service, who provides tree removal Miami residents rely on. You should call a professional when there are particularly large or dangerous branches higher up in a tree that requires professional skill and equipment.


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Pruning trees requires proper handling and tools. Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service in Pinecrest provides tree removal Miami residents can trust. Call us today for your pruning and lawncare needs!


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