Tree Pruning Guidelines

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Do you have a tree in your yard that you adore? It took some hard work and patience, but you finally got it to the size you wanted. Now its time for the hard part: Keeping it that way. The trick to keeping your tree thriving and luscious is tree pruning. This ensures the longevity of your plant. But maybe you are not sure exactly how to prune a tree. That is okay! Bob Mar Lawn & Tree Service is here to explain all the steps and tricks. We are experts in tree trimming Miami and Palmetto Bay.


Safety is First

If a tree has diseased branches, they need to be removed immediately before they infect the rest of the tree. When you do this, make sure you dip the pruning blade in a solution that is 10 percent bleach. This makes it so the disease doesn’t spread. Also, be sure to remove broken or dead branches. This makes it so insects can’t burrow inside to make homes.


If a tree branch is dangling, remove it too. They can interfere with lawn mowers or other vehicles. They can even cause damage when wind hits. They have the potential to strike a home during a storm and cause substantial damage.


By pruning your tree, you are basically alleviating hazardous situations. However, when it comes to trimming trees that threaten power lines, it is best to leave it the professionals. This can get very dangerous if an individual does not know what they are doing. Our experts in tree trimming Miami know exactly how to handle this situation.


When’s a Good Time For Tree Pruning

Many situations indicate when it is time for a tree to get pruned and also when you should not prune. Here are a few times you should look out for:

  • If a tree has leafed out during springtime, it could be weakened by pruning too early. If a tree gets pruned during the late summer, it has the best chance to grow strong the remainder of the year.


  • When pruning for form and structure, it is essential to wait until after all the leaves fall from it and the branches are very vulnerable.


  • If leafless branches are easily spotted, remove the dead wood.


  • January through early March is the worst time to prune a tree.


  • If your oak tree is infected with beetles, they are typically active late spring through midsummer. Do not prune your trees during this time.


  • Pruning for clearance should only be done when the branches are sagging at the lowest point.


For more information on do’s and don’ts when it comes to pruning and tree trimming, and how to do it, we have all the advice you need.


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