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On Andrew, On Wilma, On Charley, on Frances, On Jeanne, On Irma! Who are these names for? No, they are not Santa’s reindeer replacements, but their wind speeds might move the reindeer a little faster. Floridian´s know these names all too well. Yes, these are famous Florida hurricanes. What happens after hurricanes? The electric is out and thousands of trees hit the ground, some cars, some boats, and some houses and put a hefty damage on these belongings. Many individuals create their own illegal tree service in order to get a little money in their pocket, but we here at Bob Mar Lawn and Tree Service is a Miami tree service and Miami landscaping business with  professionals who are ready to help immediately.


Tree Trimming Miami


Bob Mar Lawn and Tree Service understand the needs of tree removal and underlying damage can be done if the tree isn’t moved. We also do tree trimming and landscaping. Maybe you have trees growing into power lines or tree branches over your house that bang on your roof or windows at night or you just want your tree or trees to look nicer. Although trimming trees does make trees look nicer, many people do not know that trimming a tree helps keep you safer.


You know that branch we mentioned over your house? That can become a potential fire hazard? You know the debris of branches on the ground? That can become a potential insect infested area from moldy branches if left for a long time. I almost forgot, trimming keeps a tree healthy. Contrary to unpopular belief, trees do not feel pain when being trimmed, they feel relieved. Removing dead matter from a tree gives room for new parts of a tree to grow. Our Miami based tree removal service is a phone call away. We can come give you an estimate and to see if you need tree trimming service, Miami located. How do we know if you need our professional services in? We ask the tree.


Landscaping Miami


Since you now know we specialize in making your trees look and feel better, do not forget about our landscaping service. We are not ones to brag, but we are wonderful at helping with all your landscaping needs. Whether it´s basic lawn care or complete lawn care, we can make your yard look professional and stunning. Complete lawn care consists of trimming, edging, mowing, leaf removal, lawn, palm and tree fertilization, weed control, and installation of soil and mulch. Believe it or not, beautiful landscaping not only makes wondering eyes say wow, but also helps your value in real estate.


Contact us


When using Miami landscaping, Bob Mar Lawn Tree Service is definitely the company you need to call.  Don´t take our word for it, (well, actually you can) take our customers´ words. I have been called down to earth, a pleasure to work with, personable and friendly with a reasonable price. Are you ready to use our tree removal and lawn service here in beautiful Miami? Of course you are. Call now and let us do the work – (305) 253-7374. You can also contact us at


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